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Here some facts about me:

  • I was blessed by the opportunity of writing an introductory book about Perl, published in Italy by Apogeo. I wrote most of it by night, in two continents and four countries (or during flights).
  • I lived in Barcelona since April 2008. I speak Italian and English, and I'm learning Spanish (now I can express things just to some extent). Other languages I've been exposed to are French and Portuguese. In April 2012 I moved to Bologna (so, I'm back in Italy). In January 2018 I moved to Berlin.
  • I work as a programmer, and that's more or less what I've always done. I have some experience as a teacher, too.
  • I'm left-handed.
  • I studied classical guitar for quite a long time. Shame on me for not keeping study.
  • I love to read. My reading pace and favourite genres vary a lot, but giving me a book is usually a simple way to make me happy.
  • While everyone calls me Stefano (and larsen on the net, usually), my parents, my sister and my relatives call me Lorenzo. That's due to some family facts it's boring to explain here.

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