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Here my attempts, in reverse chronological order. I'm currently practising imitating watercolor paintings I find online. Less frequently, I try to reproduce photographs.


<2017-08-20 dom>

  • Konzerthaus Berlin

    IMG_20170821_104744-thumb.jpg IMG_20170813_110023-thumb.jpg

<2017-08-19 sab>

  • Gethsemanekirche

    IMG_20170819_231915-thumb.jpg IMG_20170819_193905-thumb.jpg

<2017-08-09 mer>

This time I include various phases of the execution to document the process. After half the drawing was complete (2) I started trying to render reflections on the water (it's supposed to be a lake landscape). At this point a number of things went wrong: I failed to moisture the paper sufficiently; I tried to use a clean brush to absorb color in horizontal lines (giving the illusion of water ripples, and adding depth to the composition) but it didn't work; I didn't wait for the color to dry before trying to amend errors with other strokes of paint… and other orrible things.


<2017-08-02 mer>

(with the reference picture I used)

IMG_20170802_225223-thumb.jpg IMG_20170730_113622-thumb.jpg

<2017-06-11 dom>

IMG_20170610_121922-thumb.jpg IMG_20170610_122052-thumb.jpg

<2017-03-05 dom>


<2017-02-19 dom>

A couple of experiments with colors. Terschelling paper.

1487500437029-62784eea-a286-4e64-b763-69ad5bc358da-thumb.jpg IMG_20170219_113547-thumb.jpg IMG_20170219_164241-thumb.jpg

<2017-02-11 sab>

Terschelling paper.


<2017-01-25 mer>

Fabriano paper.


<2017-01-24 mar>

Fabriano paper.


<2017-01-14 sab>

Fabriano paper.



I'm currently using:

  • Paper
  • Colors
  • Brushes
    • Da Vinci 16, synthetic
    • Boesner 50/1314-3 (for water)
    • Daler Rownet watercolor brush set
    • random "Giotto" brushes I had at home
    • Pentel Asquash waterbrush
    • Boesner waterbrush set

Author: Stefano Rodighiero

Created: 2017-08-21 lun 11:09