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Uno dei testi citati nella bibliografia e nei riferimenti del Capitolo 4 (Strutture complesse e subroutine), Higher-Order Perl, é liberamente disponibile per il download.


The Many Axes of Software Development People want many things from software, and those desires are often contradictory. There's a constant back and forth about what people want from CPAN modules, in particular. It seems like we have the same arguments year after year. I think talking about priorities before talking about why something is good or bad is crucial.


Perl Mongers is a loose association of international Perl User Groups. Posti dove continuare ad imparare

Perlmonks Forum in Inglese, con tantissimi utenti: un buon posto dove porre domande e risolvere i propri dubbi (ma prima cercate nel ricchissimo database di thread gia` in corso).

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