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Current project

WIP / Hold

  • synacor my code for the Synacor Challenge (emulator, disassembler, some debugging tools) Work in progress
  • bookmarks is a small webapp I'm writing for keeping my web bookmarks organized. Backend written in Common Lisp (caveman2, mito), frontend in Clojurescript (Reagent) Work in progress
  • starcl is a programming environment to study decentralized systems, inspired to StarLogo. (Videos: Part 1) (stalled)
  • Wiz is a Scheme implementation written in Haskell. (stalled)


  • Space is an excuse to study some Common Lisp (including: Lispbuilder SDL bindings, writing a game, implementing a DSL)
  • clim-p5 is a small programming environment inspired by P5.js, implemented using Common Lisp and McCLIM. (Videos: Part 1, Part 2)
  • Wireworld simulator and editor. Work in progress (If you don't know what Wireworld is, you can find a nice introduction at Quinapalus.)
  • Logo-ish drawing environment
  • hledger-dupes is a simple utility to find duplicate accounts in Hledger journal.
  • moew is a simple webservice written in Emacs Lisp.



Other projects

  • Bookflocks is a website where I publish (on a weekly basis, or at least I try) interviews about books. Backgrounds and occupations of those whom I have interviewed vary a lot.
    • A couple of friends asked me how I made Bookflocks. In the spirit of caching what's requested more often, I wrote some notes.
  • Watercolors In 2017 I started practicing watercolors. I'm learning: avert your gaze if you're sensitive to poorly executed pictures.



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