A Logo-like drawing environment

November 2015

Some months ago I bought a copy of "Turtle Geometry". I was looking for a LOGO environment to follow along and do the exsercises, but I could not find anything good enough for Mac OS X (which is quite surprising, if you ask me). So I decided to write my own version.

The first usable thing I produced is not quite LOGO, but enough to do fancy drawings and (I guess) translate most of the exercises without efforts. Code is on github.



  • Download the code and put it in a directory like ~/quicklisp/local-projects/logo. In the REPL:
    • (ql:quickload :logo)
    • (in-package :logo)
    • (main)

Function main is only the driver that runs the actual program.

Author: Stefano Rodighiero

Created: 2024-06-10 Mon 20:18